E-LIT Productions


Welcome to E-lit Productions, a vibrant collective of artists from around the globe united in their passion for promoting art. Here, the creative process takes center stage, fostering a dynamic exchange of experiences and a journey towards transcendence. Our project serves as a nexus where individuals and artists converge, bound by their love for the arts.

E-lit Productions embodies a lifestyle philosophy and cultural movement aimed at fostering social development through music, art, and creativity. We are a diverse international community dedicated to making a positive impact through cutting-edge experiences, products, and services. Join us for an array of events including music concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, workshops, curated content, galleries, and innovative concept shops designed to ignite inspiration.

We empower artistic entrepreneurs to shatter social barriers and pioneer within the professional industry. As technology evolves relentlessly, E-LIT embraces a synthesis of modern, contemporary, and classic artistic expressions, offering a sanctuary of balance amidst the chaos of modern life.

Our platform brings together artists from diverse backgrounds, creating a vast network poised to elevate and champion art in its myriad forms. Together, we journey towards the zenith of artistic knowledge and expression. Welcome to E-lit Productions – where art thrives and communities flourish.


The YellowHeads @ We Came Danced Loved (Vienna)

Perfekt Sessions Live 021 With Optimuss


Shlomi Aber Live @ Berghain 2010 (3 Decks & 909)

Yellow Podcast 015 – Yan Oxygen

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