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Pink Flashback EP

Tigers Recordings TGR2569S 3 de February de 2016

  • Pink Flashback (Original Mix)



  • On My Way (Original Mix)



  • Like A Girl (Original Mix)



  • Dancing (Original Mix)



The EP opens and closes with “Joy“, with the latter iteration being a remix courtesy of Smash. The former version of the song kicks Tiger Warning off in style. The track begins with sparse percussive beats before the lead synth hook comes into focus. The hook takes us through the rest of the track, along with the repeated sample of, Roxy whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?“. The track develops into a bouncy, dark number that generally appears to be pretty by-the-numbers Knife Party. The Jauz eemix does a great job of rearranging the elements of “Joy” into something different, with the focus here being on the huge buildup leading into a dub-infested main verse.